Bildungsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt
Bildungsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt

German Regular-Course Winter 2017

Starts from 24. Oktober

 approx. 3 months, at least 30 days of lessons
105 Units*, approx. 10 Units* per week

Costs for all levels: 240 €* total

or 89€*/month (3 months)
max. class size: 15

Unit* – 45-minutes classroom sessions

240 €*/89€* – plus 10 € registration fee


A1 A2 B1
Fr.: 17:45-20:30 Mo.: 17:45-20:30 Tu.: 17:45-20:30
Sa.: 10:00-12:45 We.: 17:45-20:30 Th.: 17:45-20:30
So.: 10:00-12:45 Sa.: 10:00-12:45 So.: 17:45-20:30

This course includes speaking, listening, reading and writing naturally including grammar and vocabulary. The main emphasis of this course is on practical communication to build up your vocabulary and help to develop fluency and confidence


Thus through tight integration of classroom lessons, self-study activities and practice, it  will enable you to develop your language skills through a systematic language-learning program.


At all levels you also have the option of taking one of our examinations.


  • placement test at the beginning of the course
  • participation and examination certificate at the end of the course
  • supported learning through media resource.
  • extensive cultural and leisure program


Sprachkurs Coordinator:

Dennis Baumann

Mobil: 015788360351


Bildungsgesellschaft S.A.

Gerhart-Hauptmann-Str. 32

39108 Magdeburg


Mo - Fr: 16 bis 20 Uhr              


 0391 / 559 346 57


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